Life groups The two groups that met in the autumn have proved very successful and are continuing in the New Year. New members are always welcome on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. They will be reflecting on the Sunday Bible readings. Please contact Derek if you would like to join one of them. During Lent, 22 February - 22 March, there will be another pattern - a Thursday evening 'course' that will connect up with Sunday sermons. For those who cannot manage that time there will be a daytime group. More details to follow.

Popup Cinema presents La La Land Saturday 20 January, 1830. Doors open 1800, free entry drinks, snacks.

Candlemas Sunday 28 January, 0930 and 1100 Join us as we celebrate Jesus, the Light of the World, with candles.

Quiz Night Last year we had a full house for our Quiz Night and Supper - let’s make this year’s event, as successful! It takes place on Saturday 10 February from 1830. Each team will have six players, but don’t worry if you don’t have a readymade team as we can make up the numbers for you. For just £10 you’ll get snacks on arrival, a hot meal and a dessert, and a glass of bubbly or similar. Why not invite your friends to come along? This is definitely not just for church members! To take part, sign up in church (events notice board) or phone or email the church office (details on front page). We need to know numbers for catering and it would be nice to have the money in advance if possible. For more information speak to Clive or Ria Beaumont.

Ash Wednesday There will be a service of Holy Communion with ashing on Wed 14 Feb to mark the start of Lent. There will be Compline (Night Prayer) every Sunday during Lent. Details of Easter to follow.


Organ falls silent The final stage of the 16-month organ restoration project has begun - and for the first time it is out of use because the pipes in the Great and Swell manuals have been removed. It will be back for Palm Sunday. Until then, we will use the Clavinova or piano.

West Porch Doors One of the lovely features of our church is the pair of West Porch doors, giving an inviting way into church. However, on Sundays there are practical reasons for encouraging people to enter and leave through the south porch:
Having one point of entry and exit makes it easier to give out/collect service books — we want people to feel they are welcome
It is also easier for the clergy to say goodbye to everyone
The glass doors are harder to open and not as friendly for buggies or wheelchair users
The wooden doors have swollen due to the weather and could be damaged if banged shut.
The tiles can become slippery in wet weather
The west porch now has toilets in it, and perhaps is now not the best place to come into the building.

Finances at St James’s Since 2015 our expenditure has exceeded our income - excluding Betty Stewart’s generous legacy. The PCC has taken the decision to use that bequest to support development and growth initiatives, such as the new church toilets, work to the clock and organ, and financing a salary for a Children and Families Worker. However, we have still been aiming to run more closely to break-even on our general income and expenditure. When the PCC looked at the forecast for next year it decided:
to give the full amount asked for in Common Fund by the Diocese of London this year. (Even without this the deficit would still be very large.)
to try to find more savings in the expenditure
to run a Stewardship Campaign with the help of a Diocesan advisor
to change the way we support charities. Instead of using PCC funds, we will organise specific fundraising initiatives. 

These decisions were not taken lightly and were unanimously agreed by the PCC. If you would like to know more about church finances, or how to give tax-efficiently, and regularly, then please speak to Derek, Gwynneth, Carol or Nick Harris.


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