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Get involved

Get involved

There are many helpers at St James’s who get on with the many tasks that produce a pleasant environment for worship, a smooth-running administration, and enjoyable social events. There are bellringerscleanersflower arrangers, people who prepare the parish breakfast, people who read the lessons or say the prayers, serverssidespersons, people on the Parochial Church Council (PCC) and on committees for finance & planned givingproperties and social events. Why not see if any of them would suit you?

Within the church, we have opportunities to join different groups. These groups include some for prayer and study which meet either regularly or for a short series and the St James's Theatre Club which sees a play roughly once a month with their aim being to get people together to have some fun during the week. See the page Groups for details and contact information.

The choirThere are also musical groups: 
Do you enjoy singing?
If you do then come along and sing in the choir. We usually practise on the Friday evening before the Sunday service we are going to sing in, and more frequently leading up to a special service like the carol service. The rehearsal is from 19.00 till 20.00, and we usually sing on the second Sunday in the month and also at special services. Find out more on the page The choir and the organist/choirmaster Mark Blackwell (phone: 077 6814 6879). Children are also welcome but please check with the choirmaster first.

Can you play a musical instrument?
If you can then come along and play in our instrumental group, St James's Players. We play in the All-age services, especially on Mothering Sunday, Harvest Festival and Christingle. We have a very short practice half an hour before the service. Find out more on the page St James's Players. Children are particularly welcome but please check with the director Martin Hinckley (phone: 020 8979 0528) first to make sure they get the correct music.

The Shell SeekersShell Seekers Sunday School 
This is a lively, caring group for children aged four upwards, run by a range of adults from the church. The name is inspired by the shell that represents our church's patron saint, St James, and the fact that we are all seeking to further our knowledge of God and his love for us. We meet during term time from 09.25 in the church hall but later join with the rest of the congregation in the church, to receive a blessing or communion and sing the last hymn. This way we are included in the church service itself and feel part of it. At the end of the service we tell and show the congregation what we have been doing during out session. Find out more on the page Shell Seekers and/or contact the leaders, David Hetling or Stuart Richardson.

Scout TroopUniformed Groups
Although the these are not strictly Church organisations, being 'open groups', they nevertheless sometimes attend the church parade All-age services. They carry their flags in a colourful parade through the church and sometimes read lessons and say prayers during the service, and assist with Parish Breakfast afterwards. For the Brownies and Guides contact Girlguiding.org.uk or 0800 1 69 59 01, and for the Scouts contact Richard Moody on 020 8286 6918.