Events through the years

Through the years

'Events through the years' is a series of articles, reports and more recently, photo albums, showing examples of many of the events, projects, special services and so on that have happened over the years at St James's Church. They are interesting to read in themselves and many have been used to build up the 'History of St James's Church'. 

Old magazines

Until 2016 November 

The information has mostly been taken from the original parish magazines, first introduced in 1884, and subsequently the Spire Magazine. It was originally made accessible in the form of web pages stored in our archives. However, later the events were recorded as photo albums, first introduced on the website in the summer 2016.

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From 2016 November

The links on this page cover the period from November 2016, when Revd Derek Winterburn became St James's tenth vicar, until the present day. Most of the links go to photo albums, some of which have explanatory text.

Derek's Institution/Induction Remembrance Sunday Christingle Service
Christmas alive    


A sad farewell to the beech tree Organ renovation Shell Seekers & Fairtrade
Palm Sunday Visitors from Tanzania Easter Day
Church improvements St James's Day Clock restoration
Harvest Festival Pet Service Remembrance Sunday
Gardening Club Christingle Service The Carol Service
Christmas Family Service    


Children's Epiphany party Mothering Sunday