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St James's website is open to all who wish to view it.

There are also some further pages for certain groups within the church, like the PCC and the St James's Players. Here the members of these groups are able to access their group's information such as their meetings, minutes, rotas, etc.

The members are registered, given a user name and password and then are able to log in from this page (see login above right). Once logged in they are returned to the home page and then can navigate to their particular page(s). These particular pages only show when a member is logged in.

If a member requires help on using the site then click on one of the following help topics on the Help page.

Church Edit User Guides
Some members are also editors or authors of their pages - they also have to login to get to their page(s). The following guides should help with their pages. 

Author/editor introduction

Editing pages

Adding pictures

Photo albums

Adding links

Adding a new page

Adding new information at the top of a page

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