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The Shell seekers

Welcome to the Shell Seekers' pages. The Shell Seekers take their name from our patron saint, James, whose symbol is the shell, and the word 'seeker' reminding us that we are all seeking God's love and support.

We meet most Sundays during term time. We start the service with the rest of the congregation in church and leave during the first hymn for our meeting in the hall. We return to the main service for communion or a blessing. After communion we often share with the congregation what we have been learning about.

The Shell seekers logoShell Seekers welcomes all children from reception classes upwards. We often work together in a mixed age group allowing everyone to share and explore ideas together and deepen their knowledge. This means our young members have a fantastic relationship with each other that extends out of the sessions and into school and life in general.

You will all have seen our pleasing rise in numbers over the last twelve months – we have been delighted to see some new children coming to our group as well as welcoming back some returning children too! This, in combination with the advancing years of some of our group, has meant that we have been able to restore a two-group approach to Sunday mornings; activities for primary school children alongside a more mature exploration of the faith journey with our secondary school children.

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Looking forward, our growing numbers have also resulted in us needing a bit more help each week. Thanks to Sandra who will be working with our older children from time to time and we are also recruiting some new faces to the team who will start to get involved over the Summer term. We continue to be open to volunteers in this crucial area of our growth for St James’s too – if you feel inspired to help as we evolve in our work with children and young people then please speak to any of the Shell Seekers leaders!

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