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South & west porches

The south and west porches

The west porch The south porch

The south porch
The south porch was built on to the church in 1879 and later extended in 1993/4 to join up with the entrance to the new church hall. It houses both the south entrance to the church, with a wheelchair ramp, and also an entrance to the church hall.

The extension was described as a “very attractive porch joining the church and the hall, somewhat in the style of a Lych-gate, like a bridge between the spiritual and the secular, between the Church and the World”.

Above the south door of the church are two reliefs, "Suffer Little Children To Come Unto Me" on the outside and "Ask And It Shall Be Given" on the inside. See the pictures on the page Porches.

Looking into the churchThe west porch
The west porch gives a view from the road through the whole length of the church right down to the altar. The sanctuary with the altar are lit up at certain times of the day and night. Looking into the church in this way shows our openness to the world and our desire to share God’s love. The use of glass for the roof and doors of the west porch create a light and welcoming space. See the pictures on the page Porches. Read the page The west porch through the years.

The porch also gives a place for the administrative work of the parish to be done as the parish office is housed here. There is a parish administrator who currently works three mornings and two afternoons a week. This therefore allows the church to be staffed and open much more of the time, so that people can come in to pray, sit quietly, or find out things about the church and its activities. Find out about the office on the page Parish office.