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Mission Action Plan

Mission Action Plan

Mission Action Plans, or 'MAPs', have been part of the life of the Diocese of London, and this church as part of it, since 1993. They are, quite simply, a local church's way of not simply carrying on as it always has, but rather setting out some priorities and the actions that result from them. At the core of a MAP is mission. Mission comes from a word that means 'to send'. Jesus was sent into our world, and then sent out his disciples. Today we are part of the company of disciples sent out into the world with the news of the love of God in Jesus. A MAP expresses something of how a local church views this mission. Read the 2017 Mission Action Plan.

Mission Action Planning is a tried and tested way of putting flesh on to what we say of ourselves as a church and parish, exploring our strengths and the challenges that face us, and putting together a realistic plan for the way forward that God is calling us to. It is integral to strategic planning and delivery of effective mission and ministry.

The Mission Action Plan is used to focus on the priorities that we have set for ourselves - priorities for the future which build on the past, but that also contain an openness to developing further. It is a plan which seeks to move a church community forward and not simply maintain its current activities, however good they may be. The vision behind the proposals is rooted in this concern, and is in the spirit of the direction of St James’s Church over a number of years since 1993.

Behind any vision for a church must be a vision of God. Our Mission Action Plan should reflect an understanding of God. God does not ask us to remain the same, but to step out on a journey with him that involves new discoveries and endless possibilities.

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