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Charity news 2017


The Greenwood Centre

Many of you will have heard of the Greenwood Centre. You may also be aware that a loved member of our church – Hannah Stanton – was involved in setting up the Community Care Group locally.

It was so successful that it soon needed larger premises. St James’s was partly responsible for the building on the present site. This is where our church hall used to be. Selling the land enabled us to build our hall next to the church and the Greenwood Centre was opened in 1992.

There are over 200 volunteers who help the 400 people requiring assistance in various ways; of these 100 people are supported through the befriending service. The key thing is the volunteers are mainly local. They may well know those they help. This leads to community cohesion and the charity can respond quickly to a problem.

An example is an elderly lady whose family no longer live locally. They approached the Greenwood Centre, who found someone to befriend the lady. This started with phone calls and was soon followed by regular visits. Do look at their website for more information on all they do and perhaps consider volunteering there – they also need an editor for their newsletter.

Money is always needed, which is why St James’s gives the Centre an annual donation. The council does give some support, but this is not long - term funding and could easily stop. You, too, could donate an annual sum. Who knows, you may be one of those they help in your old age!

St Richard’s Church (Project Grow)

We are also pleased to be supporting our near neighbour, St Richard’s Hanworth, in their Project Grow. This church, just two miles away, is set in one of the most deprived parishes in England, but the Christian community is thriving and outward looking. The church has a strong connection with families through its children’s work. As evidence of its good reputation, in 2015 the local community primary school became St Richards’s Church of England School.

The church building is becoming increasingly dilapidated. Built in 1965, it has been repeatedly damaged by thieves. St Richard’s has developed a vision for a new building that will be fully accessible and large enough for all the local groups that need space. The project will cost more than £1.3m million; as well as looking for grants the congregation are active in raising money locally.

St James’s has given gifts towards the cost of fundraising as well as towards the overall target.Members of St Richard’s will be visiting St James’s on Sunday 11 June at 0930 to share the latest news. project-grow.org.uk

CA Week 2017Christian Aid Week
Nejebar and her family have fled horrors in Afghanistan, where her husband was threatened  with torture and death for being a government worker. But now they’ve arrived in Greece, all they have is a tent, with no other protection against wind and rain. There is no school for their five children and they have no certainty of what will happen to them. Nejebars strength and steadiness  makes her the rock of the family, holding them together in this difficult and uncertain situation.

Christian Aid has been there for refugees like Nejebar since 1945 providing essential food, shelter and legal assistance. This Christian Aid Week, St James is continuing this support by our door to door collections. Thanks to our collectors we raised £3603 last year. Please give generously when you receive the Christian Aid envelope through your door.

We are always grateful to our collectors and if you would like to join them in supporting Christian Aid please contact the church office on 020 8941 6003.

Skola and Bishop MatthewVisitors from Tanzania
The parish was delighted to welcome Bishop Matthew Mhagama and his wife Skola on 2nd April. They brought news and greetings from Milo hospital, which St James has supported for over 30 years. Bishop Matthew has many plans for income generating projects in his Diocese of South West Tanganyika and will be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in September to help fund them. Have a look at the photo album Visitors from Tanzania.

Lent Appeal for ALMA (Delighted to report the appeal raised £2300)
Sowing Seeds for Tomorrow in Angola and Mozambique
St James is supporting the Diocese of London’s Lent Appeal to help its three partner dioceses in Angola and Mozambique. The partnership link is known as ALMA  (Angola London Mozambique Association).

The African bishops all chose projects with an educational theme. Their churches are vibrant and growing and need well trained leaders at all levels, both ordained and lay. We will be joining in with the three educational priorities they have identified as critical for the future of the church.

  1. Angola is increasing the number of classrooms in its church schools to meet the huge need for school places and to meet new government requirements, thereby ensuring a continuing Christian presence.
  2. Lebombo (Southern Mozambique) is initiating a significant project to create a new accredited seminary outside Maputo to train the next generation of church leaders.
  3. Niassa (Northern Mozambique) is building a church training hub with accommodation in Nampula for the huge Lurio region. The hub will be used for training locally ordained priests, lay leaders, Mothers’ Union workers and community development fieldworkers.

These are all ‘church’ projects which would find it difficult to attract other funding, so please help to sow seeds for tomorrow by giving generously. Please put your donation in an envelope, write Lent Appeal on the outside, and bring it to church before the end of April. Cheques payable to St James PCC (Lent Appeal 2017).