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Working in the office

The unsung heroes who keep St James’s running
The many unseen helpers at St James’s quietly get on with the many tasks that produce the pleasant environment for worship, a smooth-running administration, and enjoyable social events. What are these tasks and who does them?

What are the PCC Committees? What goes into preparing the church for worship? Who keeps the garden and courtyard tidy? Who sweeps the church, polishes the brass, arranges the flowers, washes the altar linen? And worship today is not a solo performance by the vicar, watched by a passive congregation. We have sidesmen, readers, intercessors, servers, an organist and a choir. Who rings the bells, types the service sheet, organises the rotas and chooses the music? Who supports the vicar in providing pastoral care - through visiting the sick and housebound, through preparation for baptism? Who handles the administration - the hall bookings, the registers, the books of remembrance? And in our relationship with the wider world - who keeps us in touch with the deanery and diocese, and with other churches? Who maintains our links with overseas mission partners? Who maintains our website? Who prepares The Spire?

There are many other activities - from teaching children to cleaning out the gutters, from cooking and making coffee to washing up - and laundering the tea-towels. You can be as involved as you like and as you have energy to be! Look at these behind the scenes activities, celebrate our hidden helpers and encourage everyone to pray for them, to support them and to join them.

Looking back
'How we work' through the years