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Looking at the website

St James's Church Website exists to further the church's mission by providing information about our church and its activities, and by stimulating reflection on our Christian values. As well as helping to keep members of St James's informed, the website is a most effective way of promoting or 'advertising' to let others know we exist, offering an insight into the life and work of the church, its location, activities, special events and regular services. Increasingly, people are finding this website using a search engine and so in this way the website has become an integral part of our church's outreach to the local community and beyond by being informative, instructive and educational. Read some of the comments received on the page A few of the many comments received from website visitors.

St James's websiteThere are different groups of people that the website tries to cater for:
The congregation: The website aims to serve the needs of our congregation by providing up-to-date details of services and other events. They can find information at any time of the day or night from any computer, enabling them to keep in touch throughout the week, wherever they are. 
The community: The website might be the first point of contact for people in the local community that do not yet go to church. It provides an ideal way to find out about the church and the Christian faith, anonymously. The welcome page describes what goes on inside our church, what to expect when visiting and encourages people to feel secure enough to take the next step. 
Newcomers: People new to the area can use the website to find out all about the church before even setting foot in it.

There are different reasons that people look at the website:
Life events: More and more people are looking at the website to find out about using the church for baptism, confirmation, marriage and funerals/interment of ashes.
Checking the calendar: The dynamic calendar records dates and times of services and other events so people can see what and when services are happening and check for hall booking availability.
Booking the church/hall: Increasingly people are using the website’s online form for booking the church and hall for private functions or concerts, etc. 
Online database of churchyard records: The online searchable database of the churchyard records is used by relatives and friends of the deceased buried in St James's churchyard who wish to find details of the burial. They are also for those interested in the history of the churchyard and the Hampton Hill area, and possibly for other research. 
Research: Many different people look through the website searching for information about a particular aspect of Christianity or the church. Sunday school teachers, school teachers, etc use the site to help their lessons. 

The websiteFor the young
There is a complete section called ‘Young SJ’ which is designed with youngsters in mind. The aim of this section is to encourage the youngsters of our parish and community, this being an important part of our mission. There is also a part explaining the different parts of the Church Year and a number of quizzes and other things to do, both on and off line. Our Shell Seekers Sunday School has several pages as do our St James’s Ark for carers and toddlers.

Using this website
To return to a page using any menu links just click the back button. However, documents or links to external websites will open in new browser windows. Many of the archived pages are best viewed on computer monitors or tablets because they have special photo layouts that spread across the page. 

You are welcome to quote material from this site once you have gained permission from the webmaster. You must duly acknowledge the author and source in your usage. The usage of material from St James’s website is governed by the provisions of the Intellectual Property Law. Thank you.  

The webmaster, Prill Hinckley, is responsible for setting up and maintaining this website.
Please contact her if you have:
• Dates of events.
• Photos.
• Articles.
• Information of interest to church members.
• Comments about the website itself.
• Information about any broken links.