Charities and links

Charities and Links

Charitable giving is an essential part of the good news our Christian faith encourages us to proclaim. Over the past ten years, St James's has made donations averaging £13,000 a year and in 2016 the total was over £15,000. This level of sustained giving has been possible because the parish always includes charitable grants in its annual budget, thereby ensuring that giving is not the first casualty of economic downturns.

The parish policy is to try and give one tenth of its income. About seven per cent is currently allocated from the annual budget and the rest comes from collections or fund raising activities throughout the year, typically during Lent, at Harvest Festival and in Advent. 

Many non-monetary collections have been taken. A good example is the Harvest Festival collection of non-perishable food items and toiletries for local charities.

Charities & Links The Charities and Links Team looks after the parish's charitable giving. It tries to ensure donations are spilt evenly between charities that support people here in the U.K. and charities supporting people overseas. See the page Charities supported by St James's.

St James’s is a faithful supporter of Christian Aid, a charity that works with people, of all faiths and none, to combat poverty and injustice across the world. During Christian Aid Week each May, parishioners deliver and collect envelopes from households throughout Hampton Hill. Together with donations from parishioners, this typically raises £3500 on top of our other giving.

Giving is also about sharing our lives and growing in understanding and friendship, which is where Links come in. St James's has a long-standing link with St Luke’s Mission Hospital in Milo, south west Tanzania. Letter correspondence with Benaiah Kilwale was a valuable source of information for almost 30 years and his death in 2011 was a great loss. Our friendship continues thanks to email and smart phones and we help where we can. St James recently contributed to the purchase of a replacement vehicle for the hospital and an oxygen concentrator.

St James's takes an active interest in ALMA, the partnership link between the Diocese of London and the Anglican Church in Angola and Mozambique. The link was started in 1998 and over the years, in good times and sad times, knowledge and love of each other has grown in so many ways.

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