Sunday service

An All-age service

There are two types of service on a Sunday morning. One is Parish Communion and the other is the All-age service which is specially directed towards families and children.

When you come to a Sunday Parish Communion service you will be given a booklet which will help you to share fully in the service. During the service we stand to sing hymns, to say the Creed and to hear the reading of the Gospel. We sit during readings from the bible, the sermon, and the choir anthems. We sit or kneel for the prayers.

Normally you have to have been confirmed by a bishop before receiving communion. If you are too young to take communion or if you are older but haven't been confirmed you are invited to have a blessing at the altar. Have a look at what we use during Holy Communion on the page Church plate. Clergy wear special clothes for church services. Find out about them on the page Clergy clothes.

The Shell SeekersThe All-age Service is especially aimed at family groups and younger members of our congregation and often includes a uniformed parade of Brownies, Scouts, Cubs and Beavers. The St James's Players group of musicians often accompanies the hymns and songs, plays music before, during  and at the end of the service. The Sunday School (shown left) and the uniformed groups often play an active part in this service.

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