Some news and activities in 2016

Christmas sale

We’re record breakers!
The Christmas Sale held by the Shell Seekers last Sunday raised an incredible £330, a new record! This money will be sent to Release International to help their work with persecuted Christians.Thank you so much to everyone who made things for sale and to all who bought their goodies. We hope you enjoyed them!

Shell Seekers poppiesRemembrance Sunday
During their session on Remembrance Sunday, 13th November 2016, the Shell Seekers learned about why remembering those men and women who gave their lives for the peace and freedom we enjoy today, during the two World Wars and all the other wars and conflicts throughout the world, is so important. They discovered that both British and Canadian service men and women are buried in the churchyard and they made each one a named poppy to thank and remember them.

Shell Seekers reading their psalmsHarvest Festival
The All-age service at Harvest featured the Shell Seekers and the uniformed groups. The Shell Seekers took the activity which they based on the work they had been doing that term. The challenging theme of “Good and Evil” was the subject chosen by the group themselves and they decided to base the harvest thanksgiving on the Book of Psalms. Read more detail about this in an article The good in us. During their sessions each member wrote their own psalm and then shared it with the congregation during the service. Read all the psalms. Have a look at the Harvest photo album which include pictures of the Shell Seekers reading their psalms.

St James's DaySt James's Day  
This included a family service at 11:00 during which the Shell Seekers made a presentation all about St James himself. See the information sheet they prepared for the congregation. The service wasfollowed by a BBQ lunch for everyone in the vicarage garden. After lunch the Open Day continued with an inflatable slide, children's entertainment, a churchyard nature trail, music, a slide show and with opportunities to climb the tower and ring the bells. Read about St James (written by the Shell Seekers).

A saleCake sale 
Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this year’s Diocese of London Lent Appeal. We have collected £2809, including £475 Gift Aid, for persecuted Christians in Iraq and Syria, where there is a threat to their very survival in these most ancient homelands of our faith. The collection was boosted by a cake sale by our Sunday school, the Shell Seekers, on Mothering Sunday, which itself raised over £140.

Mothering SundayMothering Sunday celebrations
Shell Seekers led our Mothering Sunday celebrations on 6th March 2016 with an interactive talk based on Luke's gospel. Taking our inspiration from Jesus' desire to gather the children of Jerusalem into his arms like a mother hen gathers her chicks under her wing, we wrote our feelings about our mums on the back of some (very brightly coloured!) chicks. Meanwhile, the adults in our congregation were encouraged to turn their thoughts to what our mother church means to us, on a local, national and global level, and write those feelings on equally brightly decorated hens - these are now displayed on the Shell Seekers display in the church hall.

Shell Seekers was joined by many members of our local uniformed groups so we had a very large band of vocal children to help us out - thank you to them all for the involvement!  Sincere thanks also to everyone who supported our charity cake sale after church too - we raised over £140 for the Diocese of London Lent Appeal for persecuted Christians in Iraq and Syria!

Bible royaltyBible heroes to inspire
Shell Seekers turned its attention last term to some of the royal figures that appear in the Bible. Many of these characters achieved astonishing things through acts of bravery, wisdom and love. Others are perhaps better used as examples of how not to live, demonstrating how power is sometimes used uncaringly for self-seeking reasons. All have taught us something new though and it has been fascinating to see what role God played in the choices that they made in their lives. Find out more on the page Bible heroes to inspire