St James's Parochial Church Council (PCC) through the years


The administrative committee of an Anglican parish church was called a Vestry from the 16th until the 20th century, when it became the Parochial Church Council. Both the secular and spiritual affairs of New Hampton, as Hampton Hill was first known, were originally overseen by the Hampton Vestry. 

The PCC and its teams through the years

The church administration affects what goes on in St James's Church and how it is run and organised. Have a look at The PCC through the years which shows what happened from when records began up until 2016. Also have a look at St James’s Properties Committee, a report on the first forty years since its establishment in 1960/61.

In the autumn of 2016 the PCC committees were revamped slightly and renamed teams. More social events were requested and so the Social Team planned a year of events. As the Together at Eleven service consolidated, several of the existing team continued to act as Welcomers for the 11am service whilst members of its growing congregation expressed a willingness to help provide this role.

The financial year of 2017 ended with a loss, and the budget for 2018 forecasted another large deficit. St James's used to set aside £10,000 in its budget every year for charitable grants for organisations and projects both in this country and abroad. However, following the PCC’s difficult decision to suspend charitable grants in 2018 (to help tackle this parish deficit), there were various fundraising initiatives so that we could continue to support our charities and these fundraising activities continued into 2019. With the deficit forecast, PCC members also decided to make a smaller than requested rise in our Common Fund payment for 2019. In January and February 2018 there were a series of sermons, talks, letters and leaflets explaining everything to the congregation in the hope that people would increase their giving to cover the deficit. The deficit reduced by half as a result of an increase in donations, mainly through the Planned Giving scheme, the hall hire and budget cuts.