The History of St James's Parochial Church Council


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The administrative committee of an Anglican parish church was called a Vestry from the 16th until the 20th century, when it became the Parochial Church Council. Both the secular and spiritual affairs of New Hampton, as Hampton Hill was first known, were originally overseen by the Hampton Vestry. 

The church administration affects what goes on in St James's Church and how it is run and organised. Have a look at The PCC through the years which shows what happened from when records began up until 2016. Also have a look at St James’s Properties Committee, a report on the first forty years since its establishment in 1960/61.

The points below list some of the PCC's work not otherwise listed on specific teams' reports.

 In 2016 the PCC appointed a new administrator, Nick Bagge, and extended the office opening hours, making the building more accessible.
In the autumn of 2016 the PCC committees were revamped slightly and renamed teams. 

2017 began by focussing on the church’s values and vision. The purpose of our church is to worship God, to work for his kingdom in the world and encourage one another to grow in faith. Working on the core values would make future growth and direction easier to plan. It was agreed that Betty Stewart's legacy should be used for church growth.
In March the PCC held the first annual Away Day at the House of Prayer.
The normal three-year Mission Action Plan was ended and the church objectives were generally agreed at the PCC's Away Days.
 With the diocesan increased safeguarding expectations the annual safeguarding audit identified areas needing improvement which were completed by the spring of 2019. Also PCC members were now required to have Disclosure and Barring Service certificates, as were Ark and Shell Seekers’ leaders and Parish Visitors. New Safer Recruitment procedures were put in place for all future appointments, both voluntary and paid.
New logo The PCC approved a new logo, featuring a stained glass window coloured spire.

The church signed a contract with a health and safety company to take over all the services currently provided by a number of contractors. As part of the deal they would also review all risk assessments and policies.
 During the spring 2018 the church worked to be compliant in the upcoming General Data Protection Regulations.  

In April 2019, the PCC discussed the pros and cons of videoing services. Safeguarding and privacy questions were discussed against the value of giving a ‘window’ on the whole of our worship. In the end it was agreed that, in the first instance, we would record ‘special' occasions, with the appropriate public notices and not videoing any young people.
The PCC agreed to install a roof alarm, resulting in lower insurance premiums and being fully covered for losses.
Bishop Graham approved our request to allow children to receive communion prior to being confirmed; running alongside this would be confirmation classes.
Church growth was the focus in 2019 with ideas to reach and include more people in the community and encourage them to attend church events. The legacy money was being used on things that would help church growth – better facilities, toilets, AV system, seating – but improvements to the building would not in themselves bring more people into church. We needed to make our presence obvious by being noticed. Leaflets and copies of the Spire magazine were getting our name into every home in the parish, but we also needed to be clever with Social Media and spend a little more money on marketing. The idea of a summer fete was raised, as was using the Alpha brand for an autumn course, and we needed to find something for younger men to help them engage better with the wider church.
Alpha, a course to help people talk about their Christian faith, was held. Sharing our faith stories was a proven way of bringing new people to church.
In September the PCC approved the purchase of two collection plates that could be used to receive contactless payments (using a built-in card reader).
A new Building Development Team was formed and the members appointed architects for the  church development project. Detailed plans would be drawn up. 

 The PCC continued its work during the Covid 19 Pandemic in 2020 with meetings being held on Zoom.
 As people could no longer go into church for services, the weekly Pew Sheet, which used to be available in church, was merged with the weekly email that was sent out to members of the congregation and others. This was distributed via MailChimp and became known as the Weekly Email. It kept eveybody up to date with what was going on and contained links to event details and bookings. This was accessible from the website as well.
 During the Autumn term another Alpha Course was held, but on Zoom, and the Life Groups were also held on Zoom.
 In October the delayed APCM was held on Zoom after all the neccessary papers were sent out via MailChimp.

The financial year of 2017 ended with a loss, and the budget for 2018 forecasted another large deficit. St James's used to set aside £10,000 in its budget every year for charitable grants. This was stopped in 2018 to help tackle this parish deficit, so there were various fundraising initiatives. 

With a deficit forecast, members decided to make a smaller than requested rise in our Common Fund payment for 2019.
In January and February 2018 there were a series of sermons, talks, letters and leaflets explaining everything to the congregation in the hope that people would increase their giving to cover the deficit.   
By September, the deficit had reduced by half as a result of an increase in donations, mainly through the Planned Giving scheme, the hall hire and budget cuts.
By the end of 2018 relative to the budget our income continued to remain strong and although spending was higher too, the gap had narrowed and the deficit was now £7000, well down on the previous year’s loss of £18,000.

 However, the Finance Team forecasted an even bigger deficit for 2019. The church had begun marketing the building for concerts (providing a new income stream as well as showing off the venue to outsiders) and several groups booked to use it.

These bullet points only show some information from this period. The Annual Parochial Church Meeting Reports show the latest reports from most teams and groups.

Annual Parochial Church Meeting Reports 

The following documents contain the annual reports of the various church teams or groups associated with St James's Church. Scroll down the document of the year you are interested in to find the report you want.

Report for 2016 (document written in 2017)
This contains the reports from the following: Ark Playgroup | Bell Ringing | Brownies | Charity & Links | Churches Together Around Hampton | Deanery Synod | Flower Arrangers | Music | PCC | Properties | Safeguarding | Scouts| Servers | Sidespersons | Spire | St James’s Hospitality | Traidcraft | St James’s Visitors Group

Report for 2017 (document written in 2018)
This contains the reports from the following: Bell Ringing | Brownies | Charity Support | Children & Families | Church Flowers | Churches Together Around Hampton | Churchyard | Deanery Synod | Hampton Fuel Charity | Hampton Parochial | Life Groups | Music & Worship | Parish Visitors’ Team | PCC | Properties Team | Safeguarding | Scout Group | Servers | Shell Seekers | St James’s Ark | Spire Magazine | Traidcraft | Welcome Team |

Report for 2018 (document written in 2019)
This contains the reports from the following: Ark Playgroup Team | Bell Ringing Team | Charity Support Team | Children & Families | Church Flower Team | Churches Together Around Hampton | Churchyard Team | Connections Team | Deanery Synod | Hampton Fuel Charity | Hampton Parochial Charities | Life Groups | Music & Worship | Parish Visitors’ Team | PCC | Properties Team | Safeguarding | Scout Group | Servers’ Team | Spire Magazine Team | Traidcraft Team | Welcome Team |

Report for 2019 (document written in 2020)
This contains the reports from the following: Ark Playgroup Team | Bell Ringing Team | Charity Support Team | Children & Families | Church Flower Team | Churches Together Around Hampton | Churchwarden’s Report | Churchyard Team | Connections Team | Hampton Deanery Synod | Hampton Parochial Charities | Life Groups | Music & Worship | Parish Visitors’ Team | PCC | Properties Team | Safeguarding | Scout Group | Servers’ Team | Spire Magazine Team | Sunday Kitchen | The Good Guys | Traidcraft Team | Welcome Team