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Charitable giving is an essential part of the good news our Christian faith encourages us to proclaim. St James’s has a strong tradition of supporting other agencies in Christian mission. We strive to relieve need and to raise significant funds for charitable grants from special collections and other fund raising initiatives. 

The Charity Support Team looks after the parish's charitable giving. It tries to ensure donations are split evenly between charities that support people here in the UK and charities supporting people overseas. See the page Charities supported by St James's.

St James supports Christian Aid, a charity that works with people, of all faiths and none, to combat poverty and injustice across the world. During Christian Aid Week each May, parishioners deliver and collect envelopes from households throughout Hampton Hill. Together with donations from parishioners, this typically raises £3500.

Non-monetary collections include the Harvest collection of non-perishable items for The Upper Room in Hammersmith and parishioners are encouraged to donate unwanted tools and equipment to Tools With A Mission. Gifts of food are sent on to the Food Bank and the church supports Fair Trade by providing Fairtrade refreshments, and a monthly stall.

Our charitable outreach at St James is of course about more than money – it’s about understanding the work that each charity does, building relationships with the people who do the work and sharing the good news. St James has a long-standing relationship with St Luke’s Mission Hospital in Milo, south west Tanzania. The parish also takes an active interest in ALMA, the partnership link between the Diocese of London and the Anglican Church in Angola and Mozambique.

2019 reviewed - a generous congregation

The Lent Appeal started off our 2019 charity collections with money for our CMS partners, David and Shelley Stokes in northern Argentina, and for the Bishop of London’s appeal fighting Modern Day Slavery. Money for the Bishop’s appeal was possible because Welcare and Bishop Wand School were supported to the tune of £1,500 by the church in 2019 with the PCC agreeing to help these two longstanding local Christian causes.

A very generous personal donation of £2,250, including gift aid, went equally to CMS, (the Stokes) and to MILO hospital. These two benefactors are good examples of a policy of providing support where we have a personal connection. The Stokes have visited our church and provide a regular newsletter, whilst Drs Hilary and Andrew Murray visited the vicarage in late 2018 and are now volunteering their services at Milo Hospital. You can see their blog at The personal connection is likely to bring more engagement and therefore more support. A request for donations at Milo hospital to buy a portable ultrasound system was again provided by a generous personal donation, plus £500 of church charity funds helping lead to a successful acquisition.

St James’s day raffle and auction, the wine tasting and sales, plus personal donations, led to donations for Milo Hospital (as above), the London Churches Refugee Fund, Tools with a Mission and ALMA (Angola London and Mozambique Association.) Harvest saw us again supporting the Upper Room.

Whilst some of the donations to our charities were down on last year the overall total donated, excluding Christian Aid and The Children’s Society, was up by £1,900 to £10,048. The collections for Christian Aid and The Children’s Society were also up on the previous year, and this was particularly good news for Christian Aid where most of the door to door collecting was replaced with the Dream Auction.

2020 should see us supporting two new causes, a new link to a new Parish in northern Mozambique and an ALMA London Diocesan appeal: Wheels for Climate Change Emergencies. More information to follow. Let us hope and pray for generosity again, and most of all thank you for all your support.

Charity concert 2018Charitable giving during 2018

2018 was the first full year where the congregation was asked to support our chosen charities as the church was not able to if it was to balance the books. So the church was asking for ‘new money’ to support our charities and the congregation is to be applauded and thanked for a very generous response.

At the start of the year the Lent Appeal raised £2,733 for the Church Mission Society (for David and Shelley Stokes in northern Argentina), and Welcare. During the year various events including the wine tasting, St James’s day activities, including the raffle and auction, plus Nick and Genevieve’s Anniversary concert raised a total of £2,512 for our chosen four charities: Bishop Wand School, London Churches Refugee Fund, Tools with a Mission (TWAM) and ALMA (Angola London & Mozambique Association). Then the Harvest Appeal raised £1,152 for The Upper Room project in Hammersmith. Except for Christian Aid and the Children’s Society, which were always separate and specific appeals, the total raised from the congregation for charity in 2018 was £7,897. This compares quite well with 2017 where £10,000 came from church funds and £2,925 from the Lent and Harvest Appeals. In 2018 Christian Aid raised £3,733, up about £100 on 2017, although there is an increasing difficulty in recruiting collectors, with some resistance to knocking on people’s doors. The Children’s Society raised £1,155 from the collection boxes, Christingle candles and the plate collection, about the same as in 2017.

With the necessary church cutbacks last year it was quite refreshing for a large personal donation to be able be made to Milo hospital in south west Tanzania and so continue our support there. In late November we were honoured to be visited at the church by two doctors, Adrian and Hilary Murray from North Wales, who at the invitation of local Bishop Mathew Mhagama are to work as volunteers at Milo for at least a year starting next August. This was an inspiring visit and they already have plans to make Milo a maternity centre of excellence, also a centre of excellence for the treatment of HIV, and to fundraise for X-Ray equipment.

The Personal Touch

It was almost certainly not a coincidence that the Charity Support team met the very next day after the Murray’s visit and wholeheartedly decided to make Milo one of our main charities to support again in 2019 and beyond. This visit by the Murrays, also by David and Shelley Stokes, even recently a guest speaker, Dave Farris, a Diocesan President for the Children’s Society, have all shown that personal involvement can make all the difference and enable the congregation to better understand the charities we support and so hopefully be more generous. Already this year there have been two formidable personal donations for CMS and Milo hospital and another is anticipated.

A More Charitable Future

Some good news is that the PCC has set aside £1,500 in the 2019 budget for Bishop Wand School and Welcare, two local C of E charities that we have supported for a very long time.

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