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Charitable giving is an essential part of the good news our Christian faith encourages us to proclaim. St James’s has a strong tradition of supporting other agencies in Christian mission. We strive to relieve need and to raise significant funds for charitable grants from special collections and other fund raising initiatives. 

St James supports Christian Aid, a charity that works with people, of all faiths and none, to combat poverty and injustice across the world. During Christian Aid Week each May, parishioners deliver and collect envelopes from households throughout Hampton Hill. Together with donations from parishioners, this typically raises £3500.

Non-monetary collections include the Harvest collection of non-perishable items for The Upper Room in Hammersmith and parishioners are encouraged to donate unwanted tools and equipment to Tools With A Mission. Gifts of food are sent on to the Food Bank and the church supports Fair Trade by providing Fairtrade refreshments.

Our charitable outreach at St James is of course about more than money – it’s about understanding the work that each charity does, building relationships with the people who do the work and sharing the good news. St James has a long-standing relationship with St Luke’s Mission Hospital in Milo, South West Tanzania. The parish also takes an active interest in ALMA, the partnership link between the Diocese of London and the Anglican Church in Angola and Mozambique.

The Charity Support Team

The Charity Support Team looks after the parish's charitable giving and is responsible for setting the annual programme of charitable grants and for relating to the recipients.. It tries to ensure donations are split evenly between charities that support people here in the UK and charities supporting people overseas. Our giving determines the amount of money available to this team. It has been the commitment of the PCC for many years to give 10% of the church’s income for charitable purposes. See the page Charities Supported by St James's.

Charity in the thick of it all - 2020

Yes, of course, this has been a highly unusual and difficult year. Charities everywhere have suffered from the double whammy of increased demand for their goods and services whilst at the same time having reduced income; but it isn’t all grim news and St James has seen some good stories come out of the difficult Covid-19 background. In some cases, it is as though our charity supporters were trying to make up for being helpless and fighting back by giving more and so making a positive difference.

Our Lent appeal raised £2,662 compared to £2,013 in 2019, this speaks for itself. Most of this went to our CMS partners the Stokes in Argentina, as well as the London Diocesan ALMA appeal for ‘Wheels for climate change emergencies’. (ALMA supports the Church of England’s work in Angola and Mozambique). Other benefactors were MILO Hospital and the London Churches Refugee fund. Despite the difficult financial situation for the church the PCC yet again approved £1,500 for Welcare and Bishop Wand School.

Another really interesting story is our Harvest appeal for the Upper Room where we donated £1,402, up from £605 in 2019; also the food and other items donated including from local schools was way up on last year. The Upper Room have been right at the forefront supporting those affected by the pandemic and early on were fighting hard to get back to providing hot meals to the poor and homeless.

Inevitably with many events not run this year, especially the St James’s Day raffle and auction, also a reduction in large personal donations, the total for charity was down: £6,894 (excluding Christian Aid and the Children’s Society, traditionally separate from church accounts), compared to £10,048 (2019) and £7,897 (2018), so not a bad effort considering.

2021 will see David and Shelley Stokes retire from their work in Argentina, and perhaps an ALMA link for St James with a new missionary diocese in Mozambique. Being able to support charities like Welcare and The Upper Room, most affected by the pandemic, shows we can help where it really matters. With God’s help we can continue making a positive difference.

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