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Shell Seekers

Welcome to the Shell Seekers' pages. The Shell Seekers take their name from our patron saint, James, whose symbol is the shell, and the word 'seeker' reminding us that we are all seeking God's love and support.

Shell Seekers welcome all children from reception classes upwards, meeting most Sundays during term time. We start the 9.30am service with the rest of the congregation in church and leave for our meeting in the hall after the first hymn. One of us collects our special cross from the altar and as we leave the church the clergy pray for us. In the hall we continue to use the ROOTS Bible materials which provide great resources for lessons, activities, prayers, Bible stories, thoughtful discussions and crafts. We may throw in a game or two here or there, but mostly we facilitate a meaningful encounter between the children/young people and God. We pray about things we want to see God doing in our lives as a group, a community and for those who are marginalised. We experience the love of God through the sharing of the gospel and encouraging each other and the leaders have seen the children grow in their understanding of the Bible and the community of believers. We later return to the main service for communion or a blessing. After communion we often share with the congregation what we learnt in the session. 

The Shell Seeker’s Leaders have come up with the following vision statement:
Belong - to Shell seekers and the wider church.
Love - to experience and share God’s love.
Grow - in the Christian faith.

Youth Socials

Lately the older children, who have outgrown Shell Seekers, have formed their own Youth Club led by Dani. The core group of young people meet together monthly when they’ve enjoyed playing card games, team trivia, going ice skating at Hampton court palace, and attending the Unity project worship/game nights with area churches and youth groups. They’ve even completed an escape room where they solved puzzles together to open a box with a secret message. The secret message allowed them to talk together about things that make them feel trapped or isolated, and how God is always there for us all. The next youth social is 'Minute to Win It' themed when they will complete small challenges mostly using dozens of ping pong balls and will have a short discussion on perseverance. This group helps the young people grow in fellowship together with food and games; and also, spiritually as we take the time to pray and chat about God’s relevance in our lives. Three members of this group and Dani attended the Kensington Area Youth Weekend Away where they worshipped, played games, roasted marshmallows over a campfire and listened to speakers as they built community with each other and other youth from the area.

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