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The older children, who have outgrown Shell Seekers, formed their own youth group in 2019, led by the Children's and Families Worker, Dani. The core group of young people meet together monthly and enjoy different activities including attending the Unity project worship/game nights with area churches and youth groups. The group helps the young people grow in fellowship together and also helps them spiritually as they take the time to pray and chat about God’s relevance in their lives. The Bible warns that "some people have got out of the habit of meeting together, but we must not do that. We should keep on encouraging each other, especially since you know that the day of the Lord’s coming is getting closer" (Hebrews 10: 25-26).

The young people meet together in a variety of locations from the ice-skating rink at Hampton Court Palace to the Riverside Vineyard Church in Feltham and activities have included card games, team trivia and ‘Minute to win it’ ping-pong ball challenges followed by a short discussion on perseverance. They’ve even completed an escape room where they solved puzzles together to open a box with a secret message. The secret message allowed them to talk together about things that make them feel trapped or isolated, and how God is always there for us all. Their time together usually includes sharing a meal as they discuss their week at school, alongside the latest episode/movie they’ve watched of Friends or Harry Potter. They share their lives together as they pass round taco fillings, pizza toppings, or an abundance of chicken nuggets. The younger ones have the benefit of learning from the older group as they give advice on teachers, classes or friends. The group shows encouragement to each another in more ways than just words, they hold each other up on the ice-skating rink and help each other during a challenging escape room mystery. At the end of June, the young people embarked on a Great British Bake Off challenge where they baked and decorated cupcakes with prizes for categories including most creative or best-tasting. They had to impress guest judges with their sweet treats in order to be victorious. Many giggles and a huge mess were delightfully anticipated!

The group has made several attempts to come up with a name for themselves, so far without success. Many suggestions had to be thrown out, but they kept coming back to what was most important: friends, food, and fellowship. Whilst friends and food are very important to this group, they never forget that the focus is fellowship as believers. Their times together include games and food, but also prayer and discussions on God’s word. They take five to ten minutes out of their evening to discuss things that might make them feel trapped (like an escape room) and how Christ offers them freedom, or how they may be tempted to break the rules of the ping-pong challenges but God has rules that he doesn’t want broken. The young people reflect on these truths for life diligently, then it’s back to the games!

Kensington Episcopal Area Youth Weekend Away 2019

Churches from the Kensington Area joined forces to share the love of Christ with 30 young people over the course of one action packed weekend in April. Three St James’s young people were swept away to the Oakwood Youth Challenge where they embarked on spiritual and physical journeys, worshipping, playing games, roasting marshmallows over a campfire and listening to speakers as they built community with each other and other youth from the area. The weekend began with a crime scene investigation where they interviewed characters like Peter and Mary Magdalene, to see if they thought the resurrection of Jesus really happened. My group was sceptical of Mary Magdalene’s testimony. She said she’d forgotten that Jesus told them he was going to be put to death, but that he would rise again, and the group thought it was a little fishy that she’d forget something so important. Following a short night’s sleep filled with the sounds of giggling girls, everyone gathered again when I spoke about how one’s life changes after becoming a Christian and how God loves them unconditionally. Following this session, they visited a climbing wall and an escape room. Later that evening the youngsters visited around 20 reflection stations challenging them to think about their relationship with God. Some stations had them blow up balloons and think about being filled with the Holy Spirit, while my favourite station had them trace their hand on a piece of paper, write a prayer and nail it to a cross. Bishop Graham joined the final session on Sunday where he had them think about where they’d be this time tomorrow and reminded them that they would always be supported by Jesus. The young people enjoyed the calm, welcoming atmosphere of the entire weekend. The girls made new friends, conquered their fears, and are already asking for the forms to sign up for next year!

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