Lent and Easter at St James's


In addition to the morning services, on Sunday evenings at 9.pm, and Mon-Wed 29-31 March 6pm, we will say Compline. This is a short service of prayer for the nighttime.
You can find the service on Facebook - on the page that we use for the Sunday morning services. If you don't have the Service booklet, you can download it here.

Palm Sunday 28 March
Join us in church or online for our usual services

Maundy Thursday 1 April
8pm Holy Communion

Good Friday 2 April
9:30am Family Service - Join us for a fun crafting session
2pm An Hour at the Cross

Easter Day 4 April
6am Dawn Service (outside)
9:30am Parish Communion

Lent reflections for each day

Church of England App for the #LiveLent journey. Lent reflections for each day


Lent Course - 8pm Thursdays on Zoom
Many people take the opportunity in Lent to reflect and think more deeply about the Faith. There are few more challenging subjects than humanity's stewardship of the planet. This year the Lent Course will take us on a serious exploration of the subject, from a Christian perspective. (More info)

Starting on Thurs 25 Feb the course will run for 5 weeks.
Please follow the link to say you are coming and if you want a booklet (£4.) If you would like to be part of the course and cannot come on Thursday evenings, reply here. 

Over the next few weeks I am going to suggest a variety of books to consider if you are looking for something to read in Lent - an old one and a new one . Try the online Christian bookshop - www.eden.co.uk
CLASSIC - This book tells the stories of hermits living in the Egyptian desert in the 3rd and 4th centuries. It is other worldly. A book to read in small doses. Full review

NEW - Not strictly a Lent book, although marketed as one by the publisher - Sr Wendy has 30 reflections on Holy Week and Easter. There will be familiar and less known pictures.  I have read the previous books in this format (Lent and Advent) and have bought this for 2021. 

The St James’s 2021 Lent Appeal will support three causes against a background of difficult fund-raising times thanks to Covid-19. The pandemic is also making it difficult to implement charitable works, even when funds are available.

Featured this week: 
The Diocese of London Lent Appeal is focusing on reducing Serious Youth Violence.  
Against a backdrop of incredibly high increases in youth violence, mostly knife crime, this appeal supports volunteers working on the ground with young people affected by violence, including embedding youth workers in hospital A & E departments to support those affected. More information in tomorrow's service. 

These are very difficult times for all charities and your generosity will in most cases make more of a difference than ever.

You can make your donation by dropping an envelope into the vicarage marked  'Lent Appeal' or you can give online: http://bit.ly/StJLent21