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The Globe Players present... What the Dickens!

Event details: A much celebrated new play about the life and works of Charles Dickens, featuring many of his most loved novels and characters; fascinating insights into his family life and beliefs as a campaigner and social reformer.

Charles Dickens was the most prominent novelist of his day. Dickens encouraged his readers to look up from his books, to see beyond their immediate environment and to confront the injustices occurring in the society around them. Both humorous and at times - hard-hitting, this thought-provoking play enables the audience (through Dickens’ writing) to bear witness to some of the most important social changes which took place in Victorian England.

The Globe Players: The Globe Players are one of the foremost professional Shakespeare and Children’s theatre companies in London and the South East. Their mission is to stimulate imaginations and inspire young audiences, by bringing high quality theatre and enriching, inter-active workshops to tens of thousands of schoolchildren every year. For over 50 years, the Company has succeeded in introducing classic texts and authors to new generations of children (and adults), bringing fresh insights and excitement as individuals engage with the author/text in a new way and discover the delights of professional live theatre for the first time.   See here for more details:

African Vision Malawi (AVM): is a registered charity, whose mission is to see: “a healthy, educated and self-sufficient community in Malawi”- one of the world’s most impoverished countries.   Started nearly 15 years ago, AVM has made an incredible difference through providing clean water, nutrition, sanitation, education and training to 40,000 children and vulnerable adults, helping them to build better, fairer lives for themselves.

Sam’s Village is a self-sustaining, solar powered, vocational ‘training village’, in rural Malawi, which the Charity has initiated. Built ‘by’ and ‘for’ the local community with traditional building techniques. Moving away from handouts, the village enables apprentices to transform their lives by teaching them the specific skills they need for employment. Recognised by UNESCO – AVM has launched an ambitious series of training courses within Sam’s Village, to empower women and vulnerable young people, on the path towards self-sufficiency. Already over 200 people have been trained.

Tonights’s Performance: It is hoped that Sam’s Village will become a best-practice example for Malawi and in time, other parts of Africa, on how to encourage and develop sustainable, forward-thinking and skilled communities. Funding is needed, however. to enable the transformative work of Sam’s Village to continue.

Ambrose Butterfield is taking part in a 250km Sponsored Bike Ride in Malawi, with his parents – Sara and Chris – (during Easter 2020) to raise money for Sam’s Village and the 3,500 orphans (many of whom have lost their parents to the HIV/AIDS pandemic and malaria), disabled and vulnerable adults, whom the Charity – ‘African Vision Malawi’ supports.

See here for more details of the work of African Vision Malawi

To discover more about Sam’s Village, a short film is available here:


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