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The central objective of all our church activities, our mission, is spreading a Christian influence in our local community and beyond. We are concerned with the whole Christian church, secular matters, the country and indeed with the world as a whole. Mission implies active participation, sometimes by active membership of other organisations, sometimes directly by gifts. Our mission is to be more active as disciples of Christ in our community and in our daily working lives; to make our church a welcoming and relevant place to all people, regardless of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities or economic circumstances; and to take seriously our responsibilities to the wider world.

Visiting parishoners
The parish visitors go out into the community, providing a link with the church for anybody who is unable to attend church or is in need of support or company at a particular time, including the housebound, the elderly, the lonely, the bereaved and those who are unwell. A visit can be the continuing expression of the church's concern and care for that person. People also have the option of receiving Holy Communion at home, if they would like it. Twice a year a tea party is held for those being visited so that again the continuing link with the church is maintained. Families of children and infants prior to their baptism are also visited. Contact the office if you would like to help in this way and become one of the parish visitors.

Carol service at Laurel DeneServices & Schools
For many years St James's church has had connections with the local schools, centres of the wider community of the parish. Clergy often visit the local schools and sometimes takes assemblies. Groups from the schools visit to learn about the church to help with their Religious Education work. A number of schools use the church for their services, particularly Hampton Hill Junior School, The Lady Eleanor Holles School and Bishop Wand School. The clergy and lay people also take occasional services at places like Teddington Hospital, Marling Court and Laurel Dene. This also provides for growth in Christian discipleship. The picture here shows a Carol service at Laurel Dene led by Revd Winterburn and supported by parishoners and Hampton Hill Choristers. 

The open church
The church itself is open to individuals and groups for a host of different reasons, encouraging people to come into our midst, for example the latest Quiz Supper Night was well attended by members of the community, not just the congregation.

Greenwood Centre concertMusic
The ministry of music is an extremely important part of St James’s life and witness. In this, as in many regards, the church is a major focus in the local community. The layout of the church, its fine acoustics and the facilities of the adjacent church hall all make St James's an excellent venue for Concerts & recitals.

Uniformed groups
Uniformed groups are always welcomed into the church and they often attend the All-age Services, carrying their banners in a colourful parade through the church.

Have a look at the list on the left to see the other ways St James's Church acts out its mission in the community.

Looking back
The History of Mission at St James's

Mission Partner Link: Liz Wilmot on 020 8977 9434. 
Mozambique/Angola Link: Lawrence Sewell on 020 8977 2844. 
Tools with a Mission: Janet Nunn on 020 8979 6325.