Churches Together around Hampton (CTAH)

Churches Together around Hampton (CTAH)

St James’s Church is a member of Churches Together around Hampton (CTAH) which is part of the wider Churches Together in England (CTIE). The latter came into existence in 1990 to bring together different Christian denominations at the local level. For the first time there was a body representing a wide range of churches: Anglican, Black-led, Free Churches, Orthodox, Roman Catholic, as well as many smaller churches.

Nine churches belong to Churches Together around Hampton - two Roman Catholic, four Anglican, one Baptist, one Methodist and one United Reformed Church - each enjoying their own tradition, but also seeking to work together.

Ministers of the member churches meet throughout the year. Forum meetings for lay representatives and ministers are typically held twice a year, with an AGM in November.

Shared activities include the distribution of hot cross buns to commuters in Holy Week and street collections during Christian Aid Week. Services of shared worship are hosted by the different member churches and there is often an outdoor witness at Easter or Christmas.

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