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Shell Seekers Charities

Shell Seekers charities

We learn a lot in Shell Seekers about the needs of others – we have put this learning into practical use over the years through our support of a variety of charities.  The children help to identify charities with which we might like to be involved and we conduct various fundraising activities to support their valuable work.

These are a few charities that we have supported in recent years.

Embrace the Middle East - Embrace improves the lives of disadvantaged and vulnerable people in the Middle East.  The charity partners with local Christians to provide health, education and community development programmes aimed at tackling poverty and injustice.

Find out more at www.embraceme.org.

The Greenwood Centre - The Greenwood Centre is home to Hampton and Hampton Hill Voluntary Care (HHHVC).  HHHVC  provides help and support to those in need within our local community, particularly those suffering from social isolation through infirmity or mobility problems.

Find out more at www.greenwoodcentre.co.uk.

The Mo Farah Foundation - Founded by local hero Mo Farah in 2011, the Foundation provides life-saving aid to people facing starvation and disease in both Africa and the UK.  Working with partners and local communities, it seeks to establish programmes in areas like water and sanitation, health and medical care, livelihood support and education.

Find out more at www.mofarahfoundation.org.uk.

Operation Noah - Operation Noah is a Christian organisation responding to the growing threat of climate change and its danger to God’s creation.  Operation Noah seeks to bring about changes in lifestyles and consumption to reduce the threat of climate change.

Find out more at www.operationnoah.org.

Tools with a Mission - In many countries of the world, people have few skills, little education and no means of earning a living.  Tools with a Mission enables people to earn a living and to support themselves through a switch from aid dependency to self-sufficiency.  TWAM provides this help by collecting and refurbishing tools and equipment no longer required in the UK and sending them overseas.

Find out more at www.twam.co.uk.

XLP - XLP transforms the attitudes and behaviours of young people towards their families, peers and teachers.  The charity raises self-worth, self-esteem and increases educational achievement, helps young people to confidently and positively contribute to their communities and encourages them to have fresh goals and work hard to achieve them.

Find out more at www.xlp.org.uk.

We also contribute regularly to The Children’s Society, a national charity that runs local projects to help children and young people when they are at their most vulnerable.  At Shell Seekers, we encourage the children to donate just a small amount of their pocket money to our permanent collection box.  Find out more about The Children’s Society at www.childrenssociety.org.uk.