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Mission, Witness and Outreach

Spreading the word

Mission is spreading a Christian influence in our local community and beyond.

The word 'mission' as used by the church originates from 1598 and is derived from the Latin missionem, meaning 'act of sending' or mittere, meaning 'to send'. In the Latin translation of the Bible, Christ used the word when sending his disciples to preach in his name. Today we are all part of the company of modern disciples sent out into the world with the news of the love of God in Jesus. Mission is the central objective of all our church activities and these are summarised in our Mission Action Plan. Read the current and previous plans on the page Mission Action Plan.

Some of the ways we engage with mission:

  • A friendly welcome for the many people who come to the church and church hall -  to worship, for advice, to arrange or attend a baptism, a wedding or a funeral; or perhaps to join the nursery school sessions, classes or evening meetings. 
  • Shell Seekers Sunday School.
  • The Ark playgroup for under fives and their carers.
  • Generous giving to charities near and far.
  • Helping parishes in poorer parts of London to have a vicar through our Common Fund payment to our diocese.
  • Being a Fairtrade Church and promoting Fairtrade through our Traidcraft stall.
  • Active relationship with the Guides, Brownies, Beavers, Cubs and Scouts.
  • Active relationship with the local schools.
  • Making ourselves known to all sections of the parish, for example visiting the sick, the elderly, the lonely and anyone else in need.
  • Visiting people preparing for a baptism, wedding or funeral and visiting the bereaved.
  • Wide distribution of the Spire magazine.
  • This website!

We are concerned with the whole Christian church, secular matters, the country and indeed with the world as a whole. Mission implies active participation, and where we can, however modestly, we try to exert a Christian influence on this wider community. This is sometimes by active membership of other organisations, sometimes directly by gifts.

St James's Mission
Our mission is to be more active as disciples of Christ in our community and in our daily working lives; to make our church a welcoming and relevant place to all people, regardless of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities or economic circumstances; and to take seriously our responsibilities to the wider world.

Looking back
Mission through the years

Mission Partner Link: Liz Wilmot on 020 8977 9434. 
Mozambique/Angola Link: Lawrence Sewell on 020 8977 2844. 
Tools with a Mission: Janet Nunn on 020 8979 6325.