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All the old magazines have been scanned and added to a Magazine Archive in the St James's archives and are recorded here. The quality of the scans vary and correspond to the quality of each original magazine. See the links on the left. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read them which you can download free from Adobe

1884 -1899 | 1900 - 1919 | 1920 - 1939 | 1940 - 1959 | 1960 - 1979 | 1980 - 1999 | 2000 - 2019

Cartoon of old magazinesDownloading tips

• Most magazines will appear full width on your screen. If they do not then go to the horizontal navigation bar at the top of the magazine and click the arrow at the side of the percentage box. A drop down menu will appear. Scroll down and click "fit width". Alternately, just zoom in to your choice of text size.
• If a magazine does not download on the first double click, double click on it again. 
• If you have downloaded a magazine but cannot see the first page (the cover) just start to scroll down and that will nudge the page to appear!

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