Hampton Deanery

Hampton Deanery

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A deanery is a group of local Anglican parishes. St James is in Hampton Deanery with fifteen other parishes from Hampton, Teddington, Twickenham and Whitton.

A deanery synod ('synod' means 'council') consists of all licensed clergy and a certain number of elected lay representatives from each parish in the deanery. St James Hampton Hill has three lay members, who are elected at the Annual Parochial Church Meeting for a three year term of office. A representative must be on the electoral roll.

Hampton Deanery Synod meets three times a year, hosted by each of the churches in turn. Meetings are convened by the Area Dean, currently the Reverend Joe Moffatt, who became Area Dean in 2014. Here are some its activities:

  • It provides a forum for the sharing of information between local churches. Often there will be a guest speaker.
  • It provides a forum for the sharing of information from London Diocese and the national church.
  • It ensures that school governor vacancies in local church schools are filled.
  • It elects a representative to the London Diocesan Board for Schools.
  • Deanery Synod members each have a vote in the election of representatives to both London Diocesan Synod and the General Synod.
  • It offers shared training where there is a common need e.g. Growing Leaders Course.

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Deanery Evensong Deanery Evensong Deanery Evensong

A Deanery tea

A Deanery Evensong

A Deanery tea