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This section keeps people in touch with the church and the church in touch with newcomers and regular church members alike. There is always somebody willing to chat to you, either by phone, e-mail or in person. We at St James's Church look forward to seeing you at one of our services or events.  

Church Details

• Who's Who giving details of the clergy, churchwardens, parish administrator and organist.

• The Office is located within the church itself and is open every weekday.

• Nick Bagge (020 8941 6003) is the administrator. 

• Find out where we are.

• Church contact details.

• Engagement, a landing page for details of church events, ticketing, and fundraising.


• Bookings for the church, hall and upper room can be made.


• Giving is very important, not only currently but for the future. 

Ways we Keep in Touch 

• The Parish Magazine is one of the main ways we achieve outreach. 

• The Weekly Church Sheet, in church for the Sunday services. 

• The Weekly e-flyer (use the link to receive it regularly by email) is sent out every Saturday by the Vicar, keeping everyone in touch with what is going on.

• FacebookTwitter and Instagram are social media outlets which offer further means of contact with the public.

• Posters advertising upcoming events on notice boards are continually being updated and changed therefore letting people know what is going on.

• To extend its outreach, the church delivers a 'You're Invited' leaflet every quarter to homes in the parish, advertising the forthcoming services and events and inviting people to come along. See some examples (they are proofs): Spring | Summer | Christmas.

• The St James's logo, incorporating the landmark profile of the spire, is easily recognisable. The fluid font style of the church's name speaks of life and movement; the 't' looks like a cross and the colour version incorporates a ‘stained glass’ pattern - another feature of the building. Colour, text fonts and page layouts are deployed on all printed materials and signage and also used on this website.

• The Welcomers in church on a Sunday morning and the vergers at weddings, baptisms, funerals and other services wear name tags to identify them as being welcoming helpers.

• St James's Website aims to serve the needs of the congregation and others by providing up-to-date details of services and other events. It describes what goes on inside our church, how things work, what to expect when visiting and hopefully encourages people to feel secure enough to take the next step.


The Office on 020 8941 6003


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Nick Bagge in the Office

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