Children in church

 St James's church has always cared and provided for children through the years. We are committed to Safeguarding children, young people and vulnerable adults to worship and grow in Christ safely.

The Children’s Ministry Team, led by the Children's and Families Worker, oversees our ministry to children, young people and families and co-ordinates the various activities. It has also formalised a recruitment process for volunteers.

Sunday Worship with Families particularly in mind 

Together at Eleven is a service with the needs of children and parents particularly in mind, though everyone is welcome. It is held every Sunday in term time.

The All Age Service happens at particular times in the year.

The Pet Service is an examlpe of an occasional special service.

Activities for Children 

The Together at Eleven services are immediately followed by supervised craft activities.

The Shell Seekers Sunday School is held during the 9.30am Sunday services in term time.

The Youth Group was started by the older children and combines friends, food and fellowship.

St James's Ark Playgroup runs on Monday mornings in term-time. 

Messy Church is church - but not as you know it. We want to make connections with those who cannot manage Sunday mornings, who want to come as a whole family and be messy! Messy Church also provides an opportunity for churches to do effective mission in the community. 

Schools & Uniformed Groups 

The Local Schools have an active relationship with St James's and are always welcomed into the church.

The Uniformed Groups also have an active relationship with St James's and are always welcomed into the church.

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The History of St James's Children

There have been designated children's services since the earliest days as maintaining children's interest has always been important to St James's. Have a look at Family Worship through the years which shows some of what happened from when records began up until 2017. The Annual Parochial Church Meeting Reports show the latest reports from most teams and groups.

Children Trunk or Treat Children

An All Age Service

Trunk or Treat

Children's Activities